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The Lazy Dawn of Ecomodernity

Ceres21, SUM and BI are organizing an open seminar on ecomodernityA team of scholars from Europe, China and Africa will launch comparative perspectives on ecomodernity in business, culture and politics. They will be challenged by a group of international commentators




CERES21 - Creative Responses to Sustainability - is an international research project exploring cultural, political and economic innovation for a sustainable future. The unique features of the CERES21 work include:

  • Elaboration of a humanist agenda that supplements the Brundtland Report on Sustainable Development;
  • Exploration of new models of governance for sustainability in a globalizing world;
  • Studies of technological innovation and business models for green transition;
  • Broad, comparative studies of responses to climate shift and innovation for sustainable future in the poor South (Ghana), the fast expanding East (China), and the rich West (Norway). Nina Witoszek

The project is directed by Nina Witoszek who is research professor at the Centre for Development and the Environment at the University of Oslo,  and co-directed by Atle Midttun who is professor at the Norwegian Business School, Department of Innovation andAtle Midttun Economic Organisation.

The work of the international research group is financed by the  Research Council of Norway (NFR) in the period 2008-2012.