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The Lazy Dawn of Ecomodernity

Ceres21, SUM and BI are organizing an open seminar on ecomodernityA team of scholars from Europe, China and Africa will launch comparative perspectives on ecomodernity in business, culture and politics. They will be challenged by a group of international commentators

Oslo Sustainability Summit August 31. - September.1 2009

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The aspiration of the Oslo Sustainability Summit is to create a forum for innovative thinkers and leaders from all over the world.

The summit will explore four complementary arenas of innovation:
1) science and technology; 
2) culture, education and religion;
3) governance and regulation
4) entrepreneurship, business- and technology.

The idea is to highlight creative processes in each sphere, and explore how they can interplay and work together towards a sustainable future. One of the aims of the Summit is to inspire rethinking of creative processes in the 21st century arts, scientific research, industry, and cultural practices across diverse cultural and political contexts ranging from the rich North, poor South, to the rapidly developing East.   

In 2009, the Oslo Sustainability Summit is an integral activity of the Arne Naess Chair in Global Justice and the Environment in cooperation with the CERES 21 Project. Both projects are based at the Centre for Development and the Environment (SUM) at the University of Oslo. The Oslo Sustainability Summit is co-organized by SUM and the Centre for Corporate Responsibility at BI Norwegian School of Management.


Documentation from the seminar is available as presentations and film. Film from day 2 is available here, or go to the speaker in the program below and click on film.

Day 1: Arne Naess Symposium 31 August 2009 University of Oslo

Greetings : Inga Bostad, Pro-Rector, University of Oslo

Morning 09:30-12:30 Challenges to Science in the Age of Crises

09:40 Introduction: Nina Witoszek, Centre for Development and the Environment (SUM)

09:50 Keynote address Prof. Stephen Schneider, Stanford University, Chairholder of the Arne Naess Chair 2009 Annual Lecture of the Arne Naess Chair in Global Justice and the Environment

10:35 Implications for Research Arvid Hallén, Director General,Research Council of Norway

11:00-12:00 Panel debate Shereen el Feki  (Chair) American University Cairo Calestos Juma Harvard University, Vikram Kumar Dimagi Inc and Jason Pontin Technology Review, MIT

12:00-12:30 Open discussion  

13:30-16:00 Reimagining Culture for Sustainable Future

In what way can culture be an instrument of innovation for sustainability? How can we prevent it from being a conservative force which inspires resurgence of fundamentalism, nationalism and xenophobia? This session will discuss the way in which culture can contribute to or jeopardize the prospect of sustainable future.

13:30 Nina Witoszek, SUM, UiO (Chair)

13:40 Presentation, Benjamin Barber Demos

14:10 Presentation, Greg Urban University of Pennsylvania

14:40 Young Challengers: Cultural innovation for sustainability, students from China, Ghana and Norway

15:00 Comments from the panel: Thomas Hylland Eriksen, Karen O’Brien and Mahmood-Amiry-Moghaddam

15:30-16:00 Open discussion

Day 2: Forum for Sustainable Business and Governance September 1 BI Norwegian School of Management  

09:30-12:00 Governance for a world in crisis
What kind of governace alternatives are there to address the current political, environmental and financial crisis? how can we forge collective action to address the multiple challenges of the globalised world? This session will discuss governance innovation that would renew our models of democracy, inspire social and environmental responsibility, and bridge the gap between the poor and the rich.

09:30 Welcome, Jørgen Randers BI

09:40 Introduction, Nils Morten Udgaard, (chair)

09:50 Reforming Environmental Governance, Robyn Eckersley University of Melbourne. Film 

10:20 Sustainable politics in a multipolar world, Chantal Mouffe University of Westminster. Film

10:50 The Most Important Number in the World, Bill McKibben Film 

11:20 Young Challengers: Reinventing the United Nations, students from China, Ghana and Norway. Film 

11:35-12:00 Open discussion 

13:30 Al Nore: the Undeniable Truth. Film

13:30-16:00 Sustainable Business for the 21st  Century
What are the business models that can support a sustainable economy? How do we need to recharter the corporation, and how do we reconstitute markets for the 21st century? This session will explore novel thinking in business and new concepts of growth.

13:30 Introduction, Atle Midttun, (Chair) Film

13:40 The Promises and Precincts of Corporate Social Responsibility, Joel Bakan University of British Columbia. Film

14:05 The Phoenix Economy: Laying the Foundations for a New Market Paradigm, John Elkington SustainAbility. Film

14:30 Young Challengers: Business models for sustainability, students from China, Ghana and Norway. Film 

14:45 Comments by keynote speakers

15:00-16:00 Comments by business leaders and open discussion Panel: Per Otto Dyb (Siemens), Jan Muehlfeit (Microsoft Europe), Elin Myrmel Johansen (Storebrand) and Hilde Vanvik (Body Shop). Film 

Attached Document: John Elkington presentation