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The Lazy Dawn of Ecomodernity

Ceres21, SUM and BI are organizing an open seminar on ecomodernityA team of scholars from Europe, China and Africa will launch comparative perspectives on ecomodernity in business, culture and politics. They will be challenged by a group of international commentators

Related projects

The Oslo Sustainability Summit

The ambition of The Oslo Sustainability Summit (OSS) is to create a "mini-Davos" on sustainable future: a forum, where international researchers, experts and students can debate innovative solutions to the current environmental and social crisis. The Summit, which is a joint venture of the University of Oslo and BI Norwegian Business School, comprises The Arne Naess Symposium and the Business and Governance Forum.   To learn more about the OSS, please visit the event website by clicking this link: Oslo Sustainability Summit

The Nordic Model

In a study funded by the Research Council of Norway (RCN), ten Nordic researchers from diverse scientific backgrounds assess the Nordic model as an alternative form of capitalism, prosperity and welfare.


A. Midttun and Witoszek, N. (eds). 2011. "The Nordic Model: Is it Sustainable and Exportable?".  Contributing authors: Atle Midttun, Nina Witoszek, Carlos Joly, Sylvia Karlsson-Vinkhuyzen, Per Ingvar Olsen, Lennart Olsson, Þröstur Olaf Sigurjonssón, Asle Toje, Lars Trägardh and Uffe Østergård. Article pitches from ongoing project. NSM Oslo, 2011. 

The publication was presented by the research group at a debate at Litteraturhuset in Oslo on January 24, 2011.