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The Lazy Dawn of Ecomodernity

Ceres21, SUM and BI are organizing an open seminar on ecomodernityA team of scholars from Europe, China and Africa will launch comparative perspectives on ecomodernity in business, culture and politics. They will be challenged by a group of international commentators

Presentations, Reports and working papers

Core Reports

Ceres 21 Report no. 4: Sustainable Development and the Challenges of the 21st Century. The Brundtland Report Revised (Dec. 2009).

Ceres21 Report no.3: Stakeholders on Climate Change (Dec. 2009)

Ceres 21 Report no. 2: Rethinking Governance for Sustainability (Oct. 2009). This report is published as a special issue of Corporate Governance.Click here for abstracts.

Ceres 21 Report no. 1: Escaping Climate Change (June 2009)


Su Dongxia (2012). “Innovation for Sustainability: Education in China,” SUM;

Emma Halm and Abudalai Jakalia (2012)., “Innovation for Sustainability: Education in Ghana”, SUM;

Working papers

Atle Midttun and Nina Witoszek (2012). The Lazy Dawn of Ecomodernity, A Preamble.

Atle Midttun and Paddy Coulter (eds.), Audrey Gadzekpo, Jin Wang and Elin Staurem (2011). Climate change and policy shifts across three continents: Media coverage in Norway, China and Ghana. Working paper presented at CERES21 seminar in Accra, Ghana, December 2011.

Nina Witoszek. (2011). Leonardo da Vinci Our Contemorary? The "Ecohumanist" Code of Renaissance Sages.

Atle Midttun and Nina Witoszek (eds.). (2011). The Nordic Model: Is it sustainable and exportable? With chapter contributions from: Carlos Joly, Sylvia Karlsson-Vinkhuyzen, Atle Midttun, Per Ingvar Olsen, Lennart Olsson, Throstur Olaf Sigurjonssón, Asle Toje, Lars Trägårdh, Nina Witoszek and Uffe Østergård.